Security Solutions
End Point Security
• NG End Point Security
• Data Classification
• Mobile Device Management
• Fraud & Incident Containment
• Identity & Data Protection
• Encryption
• Application whitelisting
NG End Point Security
Rather than looking for signatures of known malware as traditional anti-virus software does, next-generation endpoint protection platforms analyze in real-time processes, changes and connections in order to spot malicious activities based on behavior .Such approach will detect, and prevent, remove infected files, thus Ensuring secure access to company resources with multiple technologies that create various levels of protection for both desktops and laptops.
Data Classification
A well-planned data classification system makes essential data easy to find and retrieve. It is the process of organizing data into categories for its most effective and efficient use This can be of particular importance for risk management, legal discovery, and compliance.
Mobile Device Management
Protect smartphones and other mobile devices from malicious applications and data loss across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.
Fraud & Incident Containment
The Enterprise Immune System is a new technological approach to cyber defense, based on the principle that organizations face a constant level of threat from within. Inspired by the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system, this new approach is delivered by cutting-edge technology that is capable of learning 'self' within an organization in real time – enabling it to detect emerging threats that bypass other security controls.
Identity & Data Protection
Identity and Data Protection solutions Protect the data, identities, and intellectual property, it ensures the authenticity of your banking transactions, safeguards your health records, and helps organizations to control risk, manage security, and maintain compliance.
Data encryption can take many forms: in motion, at rest, and in use. Render all data unusable to those unauthorized to access it.
Application whitelisting
Prevent unauthorized programs from running while allowing approved programs or applications to operate.
Network Security
• Next-Generation Firewall & IPS
• ATD (Advanced Threat Detection)
• Web & Email Security
• DLP Forensics & visibility
• DNS Security
• Wireless Intrusion prevention System WIPS
• Unified threat Management
• Network Access Control
Next Generation Firewall
A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a hardware- or software-based network security system that is able to detect and block sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application level, as well as at the port and protocol level.
ATD (Advanced Threat Detection)
Replacing mass-market malware, this next generation of threats is personalized and persistent. Threats are targeted, These carefully staged attacks look innocent as they walk by traditional firewall, IPS, anti-virus and Web gateways that rely on signatures and known patterns of misbehavior.
Web & Email Security
You need an intelligent, integrated approach to network security so that you can move ahead with your organization's broader mission. That's what we deliver. Prevent spam and enforce privacy and regulatory compliance across your enterprise messaging environment.
DLP Forensics & visibility
Detect and prevent the unauthorized use and transmission of your information. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems identify, monitor, and protect data in use, data in motion, and data at rest through deep content inspection and contextual security analysis of transactions.
DNS Security
More than 90 percent of malware uses DNS to communicate with command and control servers, steal data, or redirect traffic to malicious sites. Existing security controls and perimeter defenses are not designed to prevent, isolate, and remediate DNS-based malware threats. DNS Firewall you gain proactive network protection against fast-evolving, elusive malware threats that exploit DNS to communicate with command and control (C&C) servers and botnets.
Wireless Intrusion prevention System WIPS
Prevent unauthorized network access to local area networks and other information assets by wireless devices.
Unified threat Management
perform multiple security functions within one single system: network firewalling, network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus (AV), gateway anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, load balancing, data loss prevention and on-appliance reporting.
Network Access Control
Keep unknown or unsafe computers from impacting network security, availability, and performance with access control.
Data Security
• Encryption & Control
• Managed File Transfer
• Big Data and Analytics
Encryption & Control
Data encryption can take many forms: in motion, at rest, and in use. Render all data unusable to those unauthorized to access it.
Managed File Transfer
Secure, control and automate the exchange of critical data between users, systems, and partners.
Big Data and Analytics
Meant for organizations that are looking to enhance their defenses against advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day malware and ransomware, while simultaneously gaining rapid insight into the effectiveness of their existing security investments.
Application Security
• Cyber-Attack Simulation
• Application Security Testing
• Enterprise Key & Certificate Management
• Web Application Firewall
Cyber-Attack Simulation
Predictive security intelligence solutions answer the call of organizations demanding a proactive approach to eliminating business risk. Our solutions empower customers to think ahead, take control of their security infrastructure, and predict and prevent IT security threats.
Application Security Testing
Even in a well-deployed and secured infrastructure, a weak application can expose sensitive information to unacceptable risk. For that we partnered with strong vendors to Testing and scan the applications and assess threats to the organization. We offer both Dynamic Application testing and Source Code Application Reviews. Dynamic Application Testing analyzes the dynamic behavior of the code. Application Source Code Reviews analyze a combination of the code of the application, application architecture, and results from the dynamic application testing to build a comprehensive view of the application’s overall security.
Enterprise Key & Certificate Management
Prevents, detects, and remediates attacks and policy violations involving cryptographic keys and digital certificates - the foundation of trust for every enterprise. Forrester reports 44% of enterprises have fallen prey to attacks on keys and certificates and existing security systems "are not a substitute for securing keys and certificates that can provide an attacker trusted status that evades detection.
Web Application Firewall
Identify and block malicious attacks to protect your applications. A well-tuned gateway can check content of any request, or query and deny any activity that is not legitimate while permitting valuable customer traffic.
Cloud Security
• Cloud Data Center Security
• Cloud SaaS Security
Cloud Datacenter Security
Evolving data centers require a new set of security tools to protect valuable information in the cloud. Our solutions offer innovative and adaptive capabilities for flexible data center deployments.
Cloud SaaS Security
Enforce enterprise security policies even when users access cloud applications. Enhance business performance and heighten security with greater visibility into what cloud services are in use.