IT Transformation Services
Enterprise architecture
By conducting a macro analysis of your organization as it relates to technology, ife helps you envision and create long-term plans to align your technology architecture with your business goals.
• 30+: Number Of ife Industry Partners
• Where Do CIOs Turn For Advice?
• Not Just ‘One-And-Done' IT Services
• An Architecture-led Approach
30+: Number Of ife Industry Partners
The depth of our partner network speaks for itself, but that’s just part of the solution. First, we start by developing an understanding of what’s happening in your organization. Next, we look at your organizational needs as a whole and leverage our industry experience and IT expertise to create a unique IT solution for your organization.
Where Do CIOs Turn For Advice?
When it comes to the success of your organization, would you rather pick a new IT solution and try it out to see what happens, or would you rather know that your IT solution is going to work from the beginning? Failure is frightening for most CIOs. With DynTek, failure isn’t an option. We work with you to understand where your organization is today and where you want it to be in the future. Then we help you define an IT roadmap that leads you through the technology architecture solutions ideal for your needs.
Not Just ‘One-And-Done' IT Services
Too many IT service providers swoop in, do their thing and fly away with a check. That’s not how DynTek operates. When you work with us, we form a relationship, and we take our relationships as seriously as we do IT. We help you design a strategic, five-year enterprise technology architecture plan that accounts for your current and future business processes and the impact technology has on your organization.
An Architecture-led Approach
An enterprise architecture solution helps you chart the future of your business and technology operations. We can work with you to identify how technology will enable your organization to deliver on its business strategy and mandates. The dedication and experience of our solution architects, coupled with the depth of our industry partnerships, equips us with the tools necessary to look at all of your business needs as a whole from an enterprise architecture standpoint. From there, we pinpoint the best long-term IT solutions for your organization, based on your existing technology architecture as well as other technologies you may not have considered.
Data Center Transformation
Data center transformation helps you standardize your organization across a common platform designed for agility, automation, service and security.
• Is Your Data Center About To Reach Capacity?
• Information-centric Consolidation Approach
Is Your Data Center About To Reach Capacity?
If so, that’s a cause for concern. But are you certain you’re getting the most out of your current assets? Data center transformation isn’t about adding more servers and storage space; it’s about using technology to standardize and consolidate your infrastructure so that you can get more out of less
Information-centric Consolidation Approach
Not all data center consolidation strategies are the same; the costs and benefits vary depending upon the strategy. ife has deep experience with data center transformation across enterprise, government, education and healthcare sectors, and we take an information-centric approach to all of them. By focusing on the data you need to run your organization (not just the physical IT infrastructure), we help you create a data center transformation plan that reduces complexity to a minimum while significantly increasing your operational improvements.