Advanced infrastructure services
Data Centers, Redefined
We deliver a 100% software Driven infrastructure solutions that natively converges storage, compute and Virtualize into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in a minute to run any application out of the box, Data Center Capacity can be easily expanded one node at a time with no disruption, delivering linear and predictable scalability with pay as u grow Flexibility.
  1. Hyper-converged solution for Server and Virtulisation
  2. Single platform delivering high performance and predictable scale for any virtual workload
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  4. Big Data Remote & branch Offices
  5. Private & Public Cloud
Performance Infrastructure Management
Visualize - Accelerate - Control - Converge
  1. Network visibilty, Tap & packet Broker
  2. End to End Performance Management & monitoring
  3. WAN Optimization
  4. Load Balancing
  5. Enterprise Remote Access
  6. Application Acceleration and Delivery
  7. Software-Defined WAN – SD-WAN
Advanced Collaboration Technology
Meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile workforce while improving collaboration within your organization. ife provides you with collaboration technology solutions including video and web conferencing platforms and mobile collaboration solutions that enable your team to improve the speed and quality of decisions, enhance customer relationships and boost productivity.
wireless & mobility
Thrive in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era without sacrificing security or your network infrastructure. Empower your workforce to use mobile devices to access information from anywhere at any time, enabling greater productivity across departments, locations and time zones.
Datacenter Facilities & Passive Networks
  1. Datacenter site preparation works and all types of related activities including networking and Data center structured cabling
  2. AC and DC power systems including, UPS, chargers, batteries
  3. Fiber optic, coaxial, control, data, fire resistant and instrumentation cables
  4. Precise cooling
  5. Fiber Runners, Grids, Cabinets
  6. Low current systems including fire alarm, CCTV, Access Control
  7. Structured cabling & Design