Professional Services
ife offers a portfolio of services that guide you through strategic changes, empowering you to improve critical IT services and achieve business objectives.
Start your project off right with our skilled team of security experts. With the right design plan, we can minimize deployment risks, accurately predict costs, and reduce your project timeline.
Accelerate the deployment of your new products. Our expert security engineers will fine-tune your product implementation for a timely, efficient, and seamless installation.
Our highly specialized security engineers will streamline your deployment. Take advantage of our combined decades of experience in security architecture integration.
Ensure your critical security systems are running optimally with a review from our expert security engineers. ife Professional Services team can assist with your ongoing maintenance and maximize the use of your current security technologies.
Technology Risk Management Services
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment is a service that can be done either on Network or Application areas. It is performed in order to identify possible existing vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit . Such service is conducted by our trusted security experts, and advanced dedicated tools, using proven and standard assessment methodologies, to identify vulnerabilities an attacker might use to exploit. Our reports allows you to manage a prioritized list of identified vulnerabilities ,and supports you with remediation that helps you understand how to fix vulnerabilities, so that you are ensured to be one step ahead of possible attackers.
Governance, Risk Management and compliance
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) tools help bring order to enterprises’ large sea of regulations, audit programs, processes, and policy. Governance in respect to Information Security is extremely important. Without educating the user population or adopting security policy and process, organizations would have many instances of data loss, permission errors, and regulatory violations.
End point Forensics
Prevent cyber-attacks with quick, targeted investigations across endpoints. Endpoint security tools help organizations monitor indicators of compromise and respond to cyber-attacks before critical data is lost.
DDos Protection
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can bring down your critical systems. Protect against and mitigate the effects of these attacks with DDoS protection so that you can maintain business continuity no matter what.
Advance Security Analytics
Uncover the full scope of an attack and contain it quickly with all-inclusive network security visibility. Analyze and integrate diverse security event data to detect and resolve breaches, conduct forensic investigations, and perform incident response.
Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.. It can be performed through full disclosure of the topology and environment (white box) or with no knowledge of the environment (black box).
Incident Response
Even the most proactive cyber security plan must include contingencies for the unexpected. When your organization's protected information is at risk, through our trusted vendors we provide Incident Response services. Whether by phone, on-site, or remote intervention provide the know-how required to restore data security and ensure business continuity.