Management & Intelligence
Security Information and Event management - SEIM
Provides real-time understanding of machine data across IT systems and technology infrastructure so that informed decisions can be made System can Collect, monitor, and analyze any event, log, and information from all of your solutions in one, easy-to-manage system.
IPAM ( IP address Management )
IP address management (IPAM) is a means of planning, tracking, and managing the Internet Protocol address space used in a network. IPAM integrates DNS and DHCP so that each is aware of changes in the other (for instance DNS knowing of the IP address taken by a client via DHCP, and updating itself accordingly.
Network Visibility and Mapping
Gain insight into your networks and control what connects to your resources.
Application Performance Monitoring
To maximize productivity, you need to ensure that business apps perform as expected. That data is always available when needed. And that performance issues are quickly resolved. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ transforms app performance into a competitive advantage by giving you the tools to leverage hybrid IT for new forms of operational agility.
Privileged Access Management
Controlling and monitoring privileged access is extremely important to mitigating the risks posed by insider threats, preventing data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements. But security and IT leaders have to walk a fine line between protecting the organization’s critical data to ensure business continuity, and enabling users and administrators to be productive.