Security Solutions
Security is built into all of ife practices. No matter what IT solution or service we provide, security is at the core
1. Security architecture
Security touches everything. It correlates to every corner of the network architecture, from servers and data centers to end users and mobile apps. That’s why ife emphasizes security first with any project it tackles. A security-first approach means information security is never an afterthought. ife thinks about security from the start, and then we help you focus on secure, efficient business processes by leveraging best-of-breed technology.
2. New Cyber Threats Emerge Every Minute
That’s more than six threats per second, according to McAfee. And in 2014 alone, more than 1 billion records were leaked due to cyber attacks. 
Safeguarding against viruses and cyber attacks has long been a standard operating procedure, but organizations are now grappling with a host of new IT security challenges brought on by cloud computing, mobile devices, insider threats, unpatchable end-of-life products (such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2003) and the exploitation of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and Shellshock.
From performance issues and content access to compliance with government regulations, ife provides security solutions designed to meet and manage your toughest business challenges head-on.
3. Our End-To-End IT Security offering
ife provides end to end security and help organizations identify and protect against internal and external threats to the IT infrastructure. Our security-first approach enables total risk management, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats. Prevent the exploitation of sensitive structured data stored in databases through advanced security controls. Avoid the pitfalls of database breaches and ensure compliance with government regulations.
Security Solutions
Advanced infrastructure solutions
When IT infrastructure isn’t aligned with growth, your organization can feel the strain at all levels. ife data center infrastructure management and IT solutions align with your needs, elevating your technology to the level you want it to be so you can create operational efficiencies that free IT resources.
Management & Intelligence
Security Intelligence provides real-time understanding of machine data across IT systems and technology infrastructure so that informed decisions can be made. By implementing effective centralized dashboards, business activities can be monitored across multiple tools facilitating the identification and detection of situations relating to inefficiencies, opportunities, and threats and provide operational solutions.